Kyari: and my lessons in fishing II

By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

Acting National Chairman of the APC, Distinguished Senator Abu Kyari, CON, who was Deputy Chairman North of the APC before taking up the Ag. Chairmanship position, is a walking example of Pedigree and Integrity, as described by the present day Deputy President of The Senate, Mr. Barau Jibrin, as he introduced him at the Senate screening exercise of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ministerial nominees. There is also a trending video that captured Sen. Adams Oshiomhole, former Gov. of Edo State and former Labour Union leader, speaking to Abu Kyari, who was standing with Sen. Abubakar Maikafi, (danmadamin Bauchi), in the hallowed chamber, today at the Auditor of The APC and member of the NWC (national working committee); as they waited to have Abu Kyari screened. Oshiomhole could be heard clearly saying to another Senator beside them, “This is the only APC Chairman and member of the NWC who refuses to be bribed, and compromise his pedigree and integrity”, as he gesticulated towards Kyari, celebrating him and expressing his admiration and respect, for his valiant and patriotic service to party and country. Abu Kyari is a two term serving Senator of the Federal Republic, elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. Kyari was asked by his party to relinquish or resign from his Senatorial seat, and vie for the position of the Deputy National Chairman, North, and without question, he obliged his party and his Governor, as well as his boss and friend, Sen. Kashim Shettima, former Governor of Borno State; whom I have celebrated so many times as my Master Builder, (Babban Gwani), in recognition of his remarkable achievements in the rebuilding of Borno from the destruction of terrorism.

Kyari was once Kashim Shettima’s Chief of Staff and perhaps served alongside him as a Commissioner in former Gov. Ali Modu Sheriff’s government. Kyari has served as a Commissioner in Borno State four times. He also served as MD of the Borno State Rural Water Supply Agency. Kyari had been elected into the House of Representatives back in 1998, under the UNCP. Kyari was later on elected as House of Representatives member in 1999 and served for one term before being drafted into the SAS cabinet as mentioned earlier. Kyari’s educational laurels include 2 to 3 degrees in Economics, from the University of Tennesse, Martin Tennessee, USA. He then studied Business Administration, majoring in Finance, graduating with an MBA from Webstar University St. Louis Missouri, USA. He attended Capital School Kaduna, where he had his primary school education, and his secondary school studies was at the legendary Barewa College Zaria.

Kyari is the first son of Brigadier Kyari Rtd, former Governor of the North Central States, (may his soul continue to have Allah’s mercy ameen). Whenever I meet Kyari’s own mother who is still alive, she reflects on her husband’s friendship with my late Father, Dr. Ibrahim Tahir: and marvels at how I have a very striking resemblance to him, when he was a young lad like me. When Adams Oshiomhole who is also deservedly a ministerial nominee, referred to Kyari’s pedigree, this was what he was referring to: Kyari’s family background and privileged youth. Kyari has great humility and is quite a quiet person.

Kyari was the steadying hands that managed the party hierarchy, and its relationship with executive members of the party and its Governors, through the rocky and turbulent times. The party survived a lot: before its convention, during The party primaries, and ofcourse more importantly during the 2023 Presidential campaigns. He remained steadfast in the face of the crisis that ‘consumed’ Abdullahi Adamu’s seat as party Chair. It is obvious that Kyari had been a ministerial nominee even before the Adamu crises, but nevertheless, was still called upon to serve as party Chair, pending a substantive solution to the situation. He was beckoned to come and serve his party once again in an even higher capacity or role. Kyari obliged and has been acting Party Chair, becoming the first Party Chair to be screened by members of his party, as Mr. President’s nominee. In that position, ‘who wan ask Kyari silly or demeaning questions?’ His laurels, and educational background, include having spent 12 years in the National Assembly, as House of Representatives member, and member of the Red Chamber as a two term Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ‘Take a bow and go!’ The Senate screening committee echoed, as he was introduced for scrutiny. I would have also been wise enough not to scrutinise my boss publicly too, just as they did. Kyari was the Chairman of “the 12 wise men”, a Committee that managed the funds during Rt Hon Ghali Na’Abba’s leadership at the House of Representatives. He is one of the Senate’s most respected personalities, often being referred to as Senators with integrity, or The Integrity Group.

Kyari would happily support me by introducing me to Kashim or other colleagues of his, or to his bank as a young businessman, supporting my hustle; and teaching me how to ‘handle’ the ropes of building a career or business profile. He would always shy away from giving me handouts of cash but is readily available to teach me how to ‘fish’, and earn a living. His grin always translated to: stay away from people’s fishes. Today I am an avid ‘fisherman’ and can mentor many youths on how to stand on their feet and eke out a living. From the home front, Kyari is gifted with the proverbial successful woman, as the ‘behind’ of every successful man. The ever smily (tabassam) and dutiful Mrs. Kyari, another ‘fishing coach’ that is ever receptive to the tonnes of people that throng their residences in Borno and Abuja, is usually ever ready to seek her husband’s support or intervention for friends and well wishers. She guarantees us unfettered access to fish in Kyari’s pond, and build our own careers as a younger generation.

Kyari is a perfectionist really and would leave no stone unturned in delivering Mr. President’s mandate. Kyari was nominated by Borno, Kashim, Zulum, and APC, perhaps even by Mr. President himself. Kyari is ever willing to serve and never goes out of his step to curry a position or post. His work and his profile do that for him. He is accommodating, experienced, humble and patriotic. If you find yourself wanting to seek his attention or favor as Minister, in whatever it is, make sure it is legal, financially prudent, and productive; better still modern or IT driven. He is quite the techie, and believes in hands-on approach to life. He approaches everything he does with energy, optimism, zeal and passion. This distinguished Senator will surely distinguish himself in whatever role or ministry his portfolio will prescribe. Borno is lucky to have such an asset in their political and technocratic arsenal.

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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