It is Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Time.

By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

Incontrovertibly, ‘God’s time is the best’. For Bola Ahmed Tinubu this is just apt. ‘Time is a storm in which we are all lost’. We all have been lost as to when Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Presidential ambition berthed on the shores of Nigerian democracy.’The two most powerful warriors are patience and time’. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s story has taken a lot of time, deploying patience to sustain a steady trajectory that has seen him rise to greatness, gobbling up all the undertaking elements that could have decimated his ambition and political profile. His patience, political brickmanship, wealth, and wealth of experience, and ultimately God’s blessing, have all come together at the right time to make him The next President of Nigeria. His ambition has taken almost all of his 71 years, rising to a crescendo of deft and determined politicking in the last 15 years. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is rightly the father of modern day Nigerian politics, being one of the oldest in the game, and of course the most successful so far. His ambition can be traced way back to the NADECO days when he alongside the Soyinkas, fought to bring an end to military rule in Nigeria.

When in 2011, he sought to have a merger between his party The ACN and PMB’s CPC, to oust the ruling party PDP, he knew it wasn’t just time yet, for him to vie for The Presidency. He appreciated PMB’s massive following in the North and knew that having him on his side, would be a headstart, if he wanted to become relevant at the center of Nigeria’s politics. He had already achieved the much needed regional power and dominance, and definitely needed a partnership with other regions of the country. He had practically chased out Obasanjo’s PDP from the Southwest and was on his way to spread his political tentacles and make alliances across the Niger. Obviously Buhari was the go to guy as far as Northern politics was concerned. The merger wasn’t to be and Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not abandon ship, rather he went back to restrategise, to come back stronger. He appreciated the importance of timing and he knew it just wasn’t the right time.

He remained patient till 2015 and he would come back again for the PDP. This time, all the issues that made for the failure of the 2011 merger were addressed. It became a successful merger with patience and determination. The PDP would also implode, and Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s new party, The APC, would attract 5 serving governors from the PDP. The patience of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and of course time, made this happen. God’s blessings were truly at play as never had an incumbent Nigerian President, lost at the polls. Bola Ahmed Tinubu pushed for Professor Yemi Osinbajo as a running mate to PMB. A muslim Muslim ticket it was thought, wouldn’t fly at the time. BAT succumbed to this prophecy and supported Prof. Osinbajo’s candidacy. He wholeheartedly campaigned for the Buhari/ Osinbajo ticket, and its been 8 years since that famous victory.

In 2019, Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not decamp to contest against Buhari, like Atiku did. He remained in the party and supported PMB for a second term. Bola Ahmed Tinubu came back to fight for the leadership of the 9th Assembly within the APC. In 2015, he had lost the battle to have Sen. Ahmad Lawan and Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, as Senate President and Speaker. He won that battle and It’s been 4 years now of a harmonious working relationship between the two houses, and the Presidency. This is unlike the rancour filled, anti party and anti government disposition of the 8th assembly where government projects and initiatives suffered setbacks from the leadership of the legislature who belong to the same ruling party.

In 2023, Bola Ahmed Tinubu would face even stiffer, more diabolical and determined elements, who had decided it was their calling to stop Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on a 25 year project, and anoint a President for Nigeria. From trying to make the APC implode, to imposing their own Presidential candidate(s), to causing untold economic hardship, they deployed all the humanly possible efforts they could, to make sure Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not emerge, and after he did, to make sure he did not win. Even after winning, they would not stop at it, as one dubious scheme or the other surfaces. Even an Interim government idea has been toyed with but with God on his side, Bola Ahmed Tinubu won and will be sworn in as President in a matter of days.

After decades of trying, and nurturing a political dynasty that has traversed all the relevant political coordinates of this country, God has said it is Tinubu’s Time. Time magazine in its recent publication, named Bola Ahmed Tinubu as one of the most influential people of 2023. BAT is today one of Time’s best 100. He was picked alongside 20 other world leaders who made the list. Time recognises leaders by means of their activism, innovation, and achievement in their respective fields of human endeavour. Winning an election in the world’s most populous black nation is no easy feat it said. He has had over two decades to prepare though. His political associates he has known and worked with, for a very long time. His Vice-President elect, Sen. Kashim Shettima, you would appreciate has known him for almost 20 years. So Tinubu’s journey was not just batched up and consummated in 1 year or two. Not even in a decade. It took decades of hardwork, resilience, patience and a lot of time. So when this time Tinubu prayed in the face of stark betrayal, “Emi lo kan”, God answered yes, ‘It is Tinubu’s time’!

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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