There is none like you.

You are the beginning and the end: the Alpha and the Omega.

From the beginning of time
you have delivered us from the clutches of evil and kept us in a safe place.

You destroyed the darkness and brought the light.

You are a faithful God and mighty Father and you never abandon your own.

Lest some forget let me remind them of your wonders and miracles since the beginning of time.

I therefore proclaim the following words with every fibre of my being and the depths my soul and may they be recorded in the hearts of men and engraved in the realm of the spirit for eternity.

I say,

“In the days before the Great Flood, the Lord’s wrath was made manifest on earth.

He brought judgement to Simyaza, the leader of the Angelic Watchers and the two hundred angels who he had placed on earth to watch over and guide the sons of Adam but who instead coveted the daughters of Eve, slept with them, made them pregnant and taught them sorcery.

He brought judgement to Azazael, one of the 200 angels, who taught the sons of Adam the art of war, the ability to make weapons, and how to fight and destroy one another.

He brought judgement to the evil offspring of the the 200 Watcher Angels and the Daughters of Eve, who were savage, violent, beastly and uncontrollable hybrid Giants known as the Nephilim and who, led by Oya, Marwe, Gilgamesh and thousands of others, brought devastation, destruction and extermination to the world.

The Lord, in His wrath, wiped them off the face of the earth, together with ALL other living creatures and thereby saved the future of mankind through the Great Flood and the mighty deliverance of the mortal Noah and his family through the construction of a great and mighty Ark.

Noah was a faithful and righteous man and most importantly he was the great, great, great grandson of the Lord’s mighty Prophet and faithful servant, Enoch with whom God shared many ancient secrets and who He trusted and loved dearly.

Enoch never tasted death like other mortals but his body, whilst he was still alive, was transformed and transported whole to heaven after 300 plus years on earth.

That was how much God loved him.

He was the only mortal in the Holy Bible that was granted such an honor.

The Lord is good to His own.

His mercies shall endure forever to His beloved.

To them He is ever faithful and ever sure.

And even when judgement comes there is always a remnant and a way out for His own because He is a God of love and mercy.

With Him there is always deliverance even when death or infirmity comes calling.

With Him, though the night may be dark, joy comes in the morning.

With Him, our hope and glory, we can and shall never fail to pass through the stormy waters or the violent storm.

Yet even as the Lord is gentle, kind and a great comforter He is also mighty in battle.

That is why they call Him the Man of War and ask “who can stand against Him?”

He passes judgement on whom he deems fit and he blesses or curses whom he deems fit.

He gives life and takes life to and from whoever He deems fit, whenever He deems fit.

He cannot be resisted and neither can His counsel be thwarted or denied or His purpose be frustrated.

This is the God that some mere mortals on a tiny planet called Earth think they can deny, defy, undermine, mock and destroy?

This is the God who said “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” and yet those that believe they have the resources, connections and power think they can defy and treat with disdain and contempt by striking at His own?

He turned the mighty Nebuchadnezzar into a grovelling animal crawling in the field for 7 years for no less and for challenging his authority and He put a ring in his nose by which he was led like a wild beast.

He caused Senacherabub to be slain by his two sons whilst worshipping at the alter of his false god Dagon for doing no less and for threatening the lives of His servants and chosen people.

He killed Pharaoh and his first son and terrorised the land of Egypt with plagues for doing no less.

He caused worms to crawl out of the body of King Herod for doing no less.

All those that denied and resisted Him and persecuted His servants and annointed ones died a slow and terrible death and went to eternity to meet their final judgement in hell.

Jezebel, Ataliah, Nero, Caligula, Empress Wu Zeitan, Timur, King John, Vlad the Impaler, Christopher Columbus, Pope Alexander V1, Jeferson Finis Davis, Adolf Hitler, King Leopold 11, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, The Marquis De Sade, Aleister Crowley, Mao Zedong, Anton La Vey, Idi Amin, Jeanne Bedel Bokassa, Hendrik Verwoerd, John Vorster, Osama Bin Ladin, Abubakar Al Bagdadi, Abubakar Shekau and so many other monsters of history went the same way.

I ask the following:

Can creation stand against its creator?

Can the Archangels and Angels stand against their Father?

Can darkness stand against light?

Can humanity stand against the Lord and Giver of Life?

Can the elemental forces stand against the Lord of the elements?

Can the waters of the sea stand against the Lord of the Oceans?

Can a flame of fire stand against the Lord of Fire?

Can a grain of earth stand against the Lord of the Earth?

Can the wind stand against the Lord of the Air and the power of the skies?

Can the Kings and Princes of this world stand against the Lord of all that is, that has ever been and that ever will be?

Can anything or anyone or any force in either the physical or spiritual realm stand against the will and counsel of the Living God, the Lord of Hosts, the I Am that I Am and the Ancient of Days?

Can they stand against He that created the universe and the solar system with all the varying forms of life and realms that exist in it?

Can they stand against He that is high and lifted up and whose train fills the temple?

Can they stand against He who commanded His mighty Archangel Michael to throw Lucifer, the Son of the Dawn and the Bright Morning Star, out of Heaven for his insufferable rebellion and label him as satan?

Can they resist the power of He that established the firmament of the earth, that controls eternity and that established the citadels of the the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets of both the seen and unseen world.

Can they resist the counsel and will of He that went down into hell as God incarnate in the flesh, conquered satan and death and rose again?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding NO!

The Lord CANNOT be resisted and in the fullness of time His will shall be done, His counsel shall stand, His purpose shall be established and His name shall be glorified.

It is for this reason that the Holy Bible says “God laughs at the plots of the Kings of the Earth against Him and His counsel and He holds them in derision”.

It says “the earth belongs to the Lord” and that “He alone rules in the affairs of men and forges the destiny of nations”.

Take heart and fear not, no matter what is happening around you for the vision is for an appointed time.

Though it tarries, it shall NOT fail.

Be strong, be confident, be faithful and know that our God is mighty.

That which he said shall come to pass shall surely come to pass.

The Earth’s is the Lords and the fullness thereof and those who dwell therein.

Thank you for your great mercy and the deliverance of your servant Father.

Once again you saw me through as you have done on so many other occassions.

Once again you shattered the counsel of the ungodly over my life and you put my enemies to shame.

Once again you delivered me from death and destruction.

You always do and you always will because you are FAITHFUL to your own.

Glory Hallelujah!”


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