The YB Series: Submerging Insecurity by excelling in good governance.

By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

Kogi State as the hotbed of criminality and the brooding room for all kinds of criminals; from political thugs, to armed robbers, morphing into modern day terrorists, not limited to the guises of bandits and kidnappers – has practically become a thing of the past. I put it to a Kogite that the Gwagwalada-Lokoja Highway is safe for travel now, even in the evening. I was pleasantly surprised that he admitted that the road wasn’t one that you could ply safely even in the afternoon, not to talk of the evening time. Gov. Yahaya Bello has turned that hotbed into a cold room of a confluence state that is producing young farmers and entrepreneurs, as well as organised youths as vigilantes, contributing to a collaborative security network where locals and State security agencies are on a synergy that is providing astonishing results. This is not hearsay, as Gov. Yahaya Bello bagged Mr. President’s award for security management, at the Nigeria Excellence in Public Service Award. The Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation in a letter to Gov. YB, declared that since his assumption of office on the 27th of January, 2016; he is widely acclaimed nationwide as the most security conscious Governor, for his onslaught against crime, and all other forms of criminality, which has made Kogi one of the Industrial hubs of Northern Nigeria lately.

Gov. Yahaya Bello has been able to effectively identify and tame the monster that has been the devil, undermining Kogi’s growth, bedeviling the youth populace as it churns them out as miscreants in a society where they would have otherwise thrived as agropreneurs, Silicon Valley Whizkids, and newage techies who would immensely contribute to the IGR of the State, to the country as a whole. This turn around is what has irked opposition politicians who are in a hurried campaign of calumny against Bello, as election season is round the corner and the politicisation of insecurity that breeds poverty is once again sought after; and get rich quick dare devils are ready material to wreck havoc on Kogi. They are bent on rewinding the Kogi tapes, pausing them and playing them over periods when Kogi was challenged security wise, editing and corrupting the story, to fit their narrative of a failed state. This is the only method known to them, and it is the only card to play, as Kogi’s reality and its successes are undeniable and incontrovertible. For Baba, Dogo Dan Daura, to recognise you and award you for Excellence in service, as The Best Governor in Security Management ~ surely you are to make a lot of enemies from opposition politicians who would have no room to criticise, let alone make any progress or forays into the populace politically.

From Excelling in the number one duty/ responsibility of government, Gov. YB has built a solid foundation for his government, that has served as a springboard for implementing and pursuing government policies and schemes that have attracted global acclaim to his State and his style of governance. Gov. YB refunded well over $4.5 Million Dollars to the World Bank, from their Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project, NEWMAP. This the World Bank said, made it possible for other States who had deficits, to enjoy more funding. It also made it possible for the World Bank to extend their projects’ scopes and deadlines all over the country. The Regional Director commended Gov. YB for this most outstanding action, and underlined that what Gov. YB did was a sign of good leadership. In the final analysis of it all, Kogi State bagged three World Bank Award for; 1. Fiscal Transparency & Accountability, 2. Debt Sustainability, and 3. Domestic Revenue Mobilisation. This was awarded at a dinner held by The World Bank at The Hilton Hotel in Abuja. This yearly event focuses on the scrutiny and improvement of Public Financial Management Systems of State Governments. Yahaya Bello aced it once again. So when Shubham Chaudhuri of the World Bank, a Regional Director, is commending and applauding Gov. YB, where do politicians like Natasha Akpoti and her spurious tirades and allegations at Media Houses reputably under fines for one fake news or the other, fit in?

Politicians must evolve beyond the politics of poverty and insecurity. These two factors are inherently responsible for the stagnation of the growth and development of our dear nation. Political party differences should not be excuses for heaping troubles and casting gloom over a people that are beginning to enjoy the dividends of democracy of the Governor Yahaya Bello years in their enclaves is disingenuous, unpatriotic and eventually devilish. Kogi is more than one individual and its peace and prosperity is for the benefit of generations to come. Kogi is too strategic to the economic wherewithal of the North and as the gateway to the economic livelihood of the country as a whole. Flooding and other recent challenges of the beautiful and bountiful confluence town has proven once again how vital Kogi is. So Kogi’s security is Nigeria’s secure well-being.

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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