ABAT Series: FFK as Director Special Projects and New Media.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ABAT, The Jagaban Borgu; has ofcourse since earned a niche for himself, as the father of 21st century Nigerian politics, producing excellent relationships from his unifying brand of politics, having been ever dexterous in finding and utilising potentials and gifts in various individuals he has worked with over the years. Jagaba has an ever growing list of personalities he has worked with, and has aided in achieving career goals and pursuits; and has continued to groom and nurture more and more politicians and technocrats in various fields in their careers, and in various sectors of the economy. Just recently at Kadinvest 7.0, he was imploring Elrufai, literally begging him to be a major stakeholder/ contributor in his government, as he is confident of victory come 2023. He has seen class, commitment and delivery, one on one; and is humble enough to invite Elrufai, to input his wealth of experience and knowledge, in partnering with Tinubu; to transform the centre, to bring the dividends of democracy to all and sundry, all over the country. Jagaban wants the Accidental Public Servant to be part of his transformation agenda, by zeal and not by accident.

FFK, Femi Fani Kayode, former Minister of Culture and Tourism, as well as Aviation, during the Obasanjo Administration, was recently unveiled by the ABAT Presidential Campaign Council, PCC; as The Director Special Projects and New Media. He had always been one of the core or founding members of the APC before a stint at the PDP, and was recently ushered back by The Maimala led Interim leadership of the APC, into the fold of where his heart truly lies. One simply cannot be an essayist, poet, lawyer and eventually a politician, without being in the All Progressives Congress brand of politics, that has truly re-invented our democracy, and opposition politics, mustering the will power and sagacity to democratically oust a sitting President seeking re-election in an African country, where coups d’etat are gradually regaining presence.

Vintage FFK was out with a very grand entrance into the Media and Communications Directorate of The PCC, with a very strongly worded, and finely crafted essay entitled; ‘The Obidients, The Jagaban, and the Icarus Syndrome’ which is, putting it mildly, a masterpiece. While at it, FFK admired and respected the energy and passion of the Obidients, cautioning us all, in the larger political parties, to be wary of the political and social revolution that the Obidients seek to effect. He likened them to the Greek mythological leader who outdid himself by flying too close to the sun with his wax wings, challenging the gods that he could touch the heavens. While waxing that come 2023, come rain come sunshine, by the Lord’s grace, and the will of the Nigerian people, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will prevail as the Next Nigerian President; FFK exposed what a true poet he really is. “Let the forces of hell gather, let the creatures of darkness hiss and writhe, let the spoilers bellow and spoil, let the haters hate, let the liars lie, let the accusers accuse” we are confident that Jagaban’s mandate will stand, he asserts. “Let the hordes of hell, the wizards, the sorcerers, the witches, the voodoo merchants, the witch doctors, the spiritualists, the charmans, the occultists, the deceivers and the agents of Satan, invoke their powers, chant their chants, spin their deceitful and ugly tales, cast their spells and do their worst, there isn’t an election I have been so sure of, as this one”, FFK says. I totally agree with FFK that there is absolutely nada, that the Atikuists and the Obidients (abi disobedients) can actually do; and on ABAT’s mandate we shall stand. FFK on APC’s side, on ABAT and Kashim’s side, like it or not, take it or leave it, is surely a good one.

Other contributions by FFK include another article titled; ‘Yemi Osinbajo, Bola Tinubu and Queen Elizabeth’s funeral’, where he called on all political associates and allies of ABAT to come together and join hands to lift him up with prayers, identify with him and stand by him, to achieve his dream of becoming the 7th democratically elected President of Nigeria. FFK was vociferous against Peter Obi, tagging him as someone who misleads his followers, and has only the skill set of selling Tomato puree, imported toothpaste and Bournvita. FFK has repeatedly called for the arrest of the leadership of the PDP, with leaks about the corruption that went on and about the primary election that produced Atiku. He tells us all BATmen and BATwomen, to fear not , the noisesome pestilence and vile words of the opposition. “While they are insulting, we are preparing, whilst they are scheming we are working, while they are howling we are planning and while they are barking we are plotting ~ and when we kick-off our campaign, water will find its level”, says FFK.

FFK may have as many fans as those who hate his guts and envy his gift of the garb, but you cannot take away so many things he either brings to the table, or saves the ABAT PCC from contending with. You cannot afford to have him by the opposition’s side at the 11th hour of an election that is likely to be keenly fought. Wisdom is an asset, and so is FFK’s outspokenness and forthrightness. He is also a leading pentecostal voice that happens to be on the ABAT/ Kashim ticket that selfish politicians like Dogara love to criticise; just because they are not on the ticket, while pushing different hideous reasons for their mischief and effrontery. ABAT has this one right once more and FFK as one of the APC’s spokespersons is definitely a nail on the knuckle for the PDP, let alone the Obidients. (abi disobedients).

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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