Mallam Adamu: A worthy political ambassador of Bauchi State.

Mallam Adamu Adamu is a brainiac thinker, an intelligent philosopher, and a highly skilled writer. Reading his articles takes one through a journey of an abyss of wisdom, an ocean of knowledge, and a repository of history. He is one of the brightest minds from the North. I was always drawn to him, marvelled by his writing on the backpage of Dailytrust every Friday. His art of writing always stimulated one’s intellectual thoughts. He was an artist with his english, and a sculptor with his writing. The way he strung his words to weave out his points and thoughts was just superb. He particularly inspired my writings and drew me to becoming a columnist and a political commentator.

Mallam Adamu’s go-to qualities are his intellect and his integrity. If President Buhari wants an unalloyed and unbiased take on issues, Mallam Adamu is his most trusted source. He is President Buhari’s most trusted appointee. He was the closest aide to President Buhari, having worked with him as his SSA at the Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF, which was 28 years ago. He later on became the Secretary of the Fund. He was the Secretary to PMB’s Campaign Council, as well as the Presidential Transition Council. He was also pencilled down for PMB’s Chief of Staff, after the demise of Late Abba Kyari. Today, hardly can you find anyone that has been with PMB earlier than Mallam Adamu. You simply know what that means, having stayed and worked with him the longest. PMB reposes a lot of trust and confidence in him, and he has never betrayed him.

In an article titled, ‘Mallam Adamu: Acing Bauchi’s Educational Endowment’, I brought to the fore, the honorable gentleman’s contributions to the development of education in Bauchi state. He has been able to site 4 Federal Institutions in Bauchi, namely; Airforce University in Bogoro, Bauchi South, Federal University of Health, Nutrition and Medical Sciences, Azare, in Bauchi North. We also have the Federal College of Education in Jama’are. Another is the Federal Technical College in Misau. Only the Airforce University is facing challenges, regarding its take-off, but even before now, massive investments were made, in purchasing certain infrastructure from the ATBU University, for the take-off of the Airforce University. I had highlighted that a thorough and grid by grid look at these developments would certainly see that it is bringing massive economic and security benefits. Bauchi has become one huge project site, with these institutions taking off, building the hundreds of structures they need, to house their administrative blocks, their faculties, hostels, and so many other infrastructure, including roads. This means employment for staff, contracts for architects, builders, and engineers; labour for artisans, and businesses for small scaled entrepreneurs, traders and transporters. This also means admissions for the thousands of students wishing and hoping to gain admissions to higher institutions that have seemed beyond their reach. The jobs and admissions is ofcourse of immense security advantage to the state, taking away jobless youths from the streets.

Mallam Adamu has also been able to secure so many political appointments for people from Bauchi state as a whole. I am from Bauchi South and I am one of those that got an appointment among no less than 30 or more notable persons from across the state. I only heard of my appointment after the list was announced. I didn’t have to camp at his office in the Federal Secretariat with a file full of CVs. I only got to meet him and thank him when we were sworn in. I had reason to call another appointee to notify him that his name had been announced. He also had no idea that his name was on the list of the board of one of the Federal Educational Institutions. Mallam Adamu has also been able to guide the reconciliatory process of bringing together aggrieved members and stakeholders of the APC, after the fall-out from the 2019 elections. Even though ASUU is presently on strike, they have never had it as rosy as during Mallam Adamu’s tenure as Education Minister. Phenomenal work has also been achieved by the Ministry through TETFUND programmes and policies. Research is at its highest point in Federal Institutions as government has increased funding for research activities.

I came across a lot of political brick bat on Mallam Adamu, as a suitable candidate for Bauchi gubernatorial elections. Mallam Adamu is the leader of the party in Bauchi and had he been eyeing the ticket, none of the other aspirants would have furthered or reached where they are in their campaigns. His CV, stature and eligibility dwarfs them all. His connectivity is rivalled by none. Adamu Adamu is a quiet achiever and not a loud and ambitious political goon. All the party has achieved from 2019 to date has its credit due to him. Were Mallam up for the ticket, it would hardly be much of a contest; for he can effortlessly have it, like taking away candy from a baby. So those stretching their neck muscles and cracking their knuckles should calm down. The gentleman is beyond their reach, and is fixated on making Bauchi and Nigeria a better place.

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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