Abba Kyari: When it rains it pours.

I’ll descend on him, no holds barred, dissect him and shred him, as if I were an antagonist of his; like the numerous highway robbers, bandits and organisers of banditry, IPOB/ ESN terrorists and their apologists, who are so eager to see his downfall. I’ll come at him like a fulani man, angry at the Kanuri man who downed him in a contest for a fabulously beautiful native bride. Abba Kyari’s first sin is making himself successful in fighting crime and sending many criminals to their not so great beyond. His more sinister sin, is flaunting that success for the evil eye to see and curse. Images of him in the office, in a ceremony, in the field of operations, his team in action– were all setting him up for the fury of people whose livelihood he was punctuating. Songs of praise for Abba Kyari were never supposed to be. Videos of songs of praise for him shouldn’t have been allowed to be made. Abba Kyari became a star, akin to a movie star or a pop star, full of passion for fashion, hugging the limelight tightly, doling out PR pictures and videos as if he were contesting in the coming 2023 elections! His inevitable sin however, is being a Muslim northerner in a country where the air of ethno-religious eccentricity could be cut by a knife.

I watched on AIT, in utter disgust and dismay, how a certain legal consultant was spreading fake news with her chest, and debating on it, posing to proffer solutions to the Abba Kyari imbroglio. Is it even logical for the FBI to post on its website, a warrant of arrest, for a non citizen? If at all there exists a crime, would it issue and arrest warrant for a crime committed in another country? Do we now have an FBI International? Some miscreants and children of evil, concocted a collage of images of wanted persons by the FBI and were atrocious enough to put Abba Kyari’s name and pix. It went viral and we ended up having a criminal fighter turned criminal dilemma in our hands. A clarifying statement from the FBI has since been issued, stating that Abba Kyari was never indicted, let alone have a warrant of arrest hanging on his head. He was only mentioned in the course of an investigation involving Hushpuppi (a known cybercrime guru). The mention of Abba Kyari by Hush is the genesis of this dilemma and eventually, if Abba Kyari is found guilty, then his fraternisation with Hush and the like would be his nemesis. This begs the question, is it possible for a high profile criminal fighter not to mix with criminal elements in the society? We all have seen great undercover work or collaborations with criminals for a reduced sentence, in exchange for info or other more serious crime/ criminals. Even in their malicious onslaught against Abba Kyari, they have not come forward with a crime that he had committed, in the Hush proportions, aside that he had locked up a friend of Hush’s at his behest.

Unwittingly, which is weird to say for a high profile crime fighter, he has played himself to the gallery of the court of public opinion. He has been in the face of all those elements I mentioned earlier, and now they are out to have their laugh. They have pulled forces together to fight him and tarnish his name and image. He has been a cog in their wheel of felonies which they have long identified and perhaps have been scheming on how to get him out of their way. Which better way other than by bytes and combinations of malicious data, made to go viral? They didn’t need a bullet or anything of the sort. They went for his credibility, and his prowess as a crime fighter lord will never be the same.

Being in the public eye is clearly Abba Kyari’s crime so far, which is evident in his whacky and rushed response on social media. His superstar image on social media is his greatest undoing and the sooner he realises that, the better for us all. So far he has been doing a wonderful and onerous job. That explains why you have the huge outcry of ‘crucify him’! He has been more like a wonder cop and seems to be doing the unbelievable. Ordinarily, Nigeria would need a hundred or a thousand Abba Kyari’s but we have to make do with one. The more criminal majority are out to nail him, so they can have their way. The Police Service Commission is investigating him and if he is not found guilty of any heinous crime, he must be slapped on the wrist and be allowed to continue with the great job he was doing. Crime is at a high and we cannot afford to lose the few sterling qualities we have, all in the name of mere mentions in investigations that have been manipulated to fit a narrative. It is clear that there are huge forces behind Abba’s travails and they are not unconnected with his recent exploits in the fight against terrorism in the country. Terror has many tentacles and lives, and when you cut one out, the other swings into action. If you take one life, another life regenerates and fights you. The Police must be resolute in their fight, just the way the Army has been, without pandering to the boos of public opinion.

Tahir is Talban Bauchi.

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