Insecurity: Party politics aside.

By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

To the chagrin of APCists, and to the dismay of Buharists, ‘Bubu’ has been magnanimous in spreading our commonwealth, and the projects it brings, to all the geopolitical zones of the country; irrespective of party inclinations– or more definitively, without recourse to states that have been supporting him politically, for a long time now. Yes he may have done that with appointments to political offices, but not with projects, interventions and palliatives! PMB has indeed been quite magnanimous to a fault. In this regard, he has been a true father to all, and a great elder statesman. However, this may not be apparent as the insecurity that has bedeviled the country, is obscuring all that can be counted as good or positive; in the policies, activities and programmes of the Buhari led government. That is a very serious indictment, as security, is foremost in whatever governance activity an administration is saddled with, or embarks upon. The last administration was bedeviled by the same insecurity menace we are witnessing today, which saw to the dominance of Boko Haram, over governance space, in some North Eastern states. That almost single handedly, handed over the mantle of leadership from Goodluck, to Muhammadu Buhari.

     The domestic terrorism that we faced before now, has in recent times morphed into different kinds of very heinous criminal activity; including and not only limited to religious terrorism; banditry and kidnappings– along with a new wave of insurrection, in the form of violent protests– aka endsars. The nation was in complete upheaval and anarchy reigned large. Our security apparatus was overwhelmed, and the military declared to its personnel that they were in a state of war. If anyone doubted that, then the RPG wielding bandits in Niger state must have put those doubts to bed. Policemen were slaughtered and police offices and vehicles were and are still being attacked and razed. Students are being abducted in hundreds and it’s not as bad as that, even in hollywood movies; which cared to illustrate to the world, how kidnappings and abductions are planned and executed. What is most bewildering is that lives of human beings are expended like they were from poultries, and the more they were lost, the merrier. Accusations have been flown left right and centre, from one security organisation to the other, from one arm of government to another, and from one political party to the other. The situation has gone berserk, to the extent that our Defence minister is imploring us to stand up and defend ourselves– that the bandits afterall, are humans like you and me. 

     The road network repairs and reconstruction, the 2nd Niger bridge, the revolutionary Siemens power deal, the standard gauge and the Portharcourt-Maiduguri rail line, Bonny deep sea port, Baru Inland port, and the Zungeru 700MW Hydro power plant might just amount to naught if no one is safe, or no one feels safe in his or her own country. The palliatives for individuals, households and businesses, both smale and large scale; would have little or no impact, if the lives of the very citizens it seeks to support economically, are at a high risk of being lost to terrorists and bandits. The increased revenues from the Customs and the Federal Inland Revenue Service would all go unnoticed and unappreciated. The massive procurement of Super Tucano Jets, and other Combat Helicopters and fighter Jets would all become a waste, if their is no abating, in the incidences of kidnappings and loss of lives of students and travellers all over the country. The beautiful airports, especially the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, adjudged the best or largest in Africa, would end up empty wouldn’t it? 60 billion naira worth of hard drugs seized by the new NDLEA boss, would all be meaningless if the lives it is meant to save, are lost to insecurity isn’t it? Heads must be made to roll if the scourge and trend continues, with Nigeria, as the new Kidnapping capital of the world nna!

        In what appears to be a silver-lining, and for the first time in this Republic, the two largest political parties in Nigeria, may have agreed to work together, and give Mr. President all the support he needs; starting ofcourse from the Governors of both the APC and the PDP. The PDP governors have agreed to support him and put politics and party differences aside. Although they may be cashing in on it as they have resolved to seek his intervention for key developmental projects in their respective states. This is a glaring free-kick for Baba, to make heads roll and fire those involved, or caught napping, on the kidnapping saga, ravaging our schools, especially up north. 1 or 2 must be fired, 3 or 4 held to account for stolen funds; and 5 or 6, locked up like the way OBJ did, in his no nonsense style of rule. PDP is lending Baba a hand of friendship, albeit a pricely one. But nothing is too pricey if it will secure our lives, isn’t it?

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