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Approximately 2 years ago, on the 28th of October, 2016; I had written an article titled, ‘No not Mallam Abba’, giving an honest account of Mallam Abba Kyari’s true character, distancing him from a purported 500 million naira bribe from MTN to procure a ‘soft landing’ for the Telecoms giant, amidst it’s travails over poor tax compliance and other infractions it committed over a certain period of time; especially in the last 8-9 years. Today, so many revelations have come to the fore, and it is now evident that a host of banks, and other institutions especially the CBN are somewhat complicit in the MTN misdemeanor where 0ver 8 billion dollars was repatriated to South Africa, infringing on proper corporate practice. Allegations have also been rekindled over the role of the Senate in letting MTN off the hook and allowing it to get away with its crimes against the Nigerian economy. It is now evident that the 500 million hung over Kyari’s neck was just a tip of the iceberg and most likely a diversion from the crux of the matter which is being cleverly veiled by vested interests.

For the chief of staff to Mr President to go as low, and as condescending as collecting 29 million naira from a helpless ‘cousin’ of his, frankly torments my imagination. The principled Abba Kyari? No way! I ranted. As his ‘nephew’, I know not to approach him for favours even with the powers that his office wields, knowing fully well that he would shy away from granting any favours for fear of being too nepotic. Infact, since he became the chief of staff, I have run into him only once, just at the beginning of this administration, and I was a senior special assistant to my governor at the time and as far as Abba was concerned, I was gainfully employed and needed no assistances whatsoever and I courageously embraced that standing.

It is an election year and there are so many intrigues and ‘power plays’ that have climaxed and have for example; seen to the removal of Lawal Daura as DSS boss. The Vice President was lauded for this development and whether or not this went down well with Mr. President, it is widely acclaimed as the politically prudent option to tow. My aunt Hauwa Abbas was quick to protest on her Facebook page that only northerners are targetted for disciplinary actions when they err, citing the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s sack by the Finance Minister, Adeosun; who by the way still stands strong despite the suggested NYSC certificate forgery which remains the elephant in the finance ministry. Again, it is election year and perhaps some actions can be detrimental to the success of the ruling party of Mr. President whose campaign maintains a stand on anti-corruption.

Nigeria is poorly ranked when it comes to fraud, and we all know that every Nigerian is inundated by texts and emails of con men, trying to scuff out the meagre resources that one has; instead of working hard to earn a living in a land of plenty. Is it possible that Kyari’s cousin wa scammed in the name of Kyari? Were his GSM numbers cloned? Is Kyari being framed? Are the Presidents men being targetted to undergo the Lawal Daura treatment? There is more than meets the eye in this matter and even though the revelations from the Brekete Family are bewildering, certain things do not add up. For instance, since when does the chief of staff award contracts for the supply of Hilux Vans? This whole saga seems more political to me than real and I am tempted to infer that some power blocks are struggling with the Kyaris and co. for the heart of the President’s office and they are either winning or are proving to be very worthy opponents, albeit dirty ones.
If anyone knows the President’s disposition or his human resource management practices, he doesn’t easily let go his personnel. Kyari’s crime would have to be very grave before he can get the sack. Kyari has brazenly filed a Libel suit against the perpetrators of the whole saga. Obviously, it was designed to humiliate him and denigrate his character in the eyes of Mr. President. Little do they know that it would take more than the tremors that hit Abuja recently, to dislodge Kyari. They have ruffled him alright, but taking him out of the equation is practically impossible. If they are truly patriotic, maybe the NYSC certificate matter should be their next stop.

Tahir is the Talba of Bauchi.

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