2019: Year of the clones

It is election year, as if 2015 was just yesterday, and we are now faced with all the upheavals of an election timetable. This administration has suffered so much smear campaign, arguably much more than what availed during Jonathan’s campaign year; such that there is little introduction of negativity, invectives, fabrications, and sharing of ‘fake news’ as so much has been said and done already regarding dragging Mr. President down. What is now left is a regurgitation and rehashing of all that has been created and falsely spread, tarnishing Buhari’s hard earned integrity, rubbishing his efforts in sanitising our corrupt – ridden Nigerian way of doing business and virtually every other thing.

So many leaders have died, either in power as presidents, as ministers, prime ministers and so on. Buhari has survived Nigeria’s power games; in the military, in politics, and even an audacious assassination attempt in the build up to the 2015 polls. Who would have thought the much maligned and condemned draconian general of ’85, would become a masses loved politician and president who would set the records in Nigeria’s electioneering; polling over 14 million votes and perhaps set to break that record and pull even more votes?

Perhaps there is more than meets the eye about President Buhari falling sick, and being away for so long; an absence that proved lethally debilitation to the administration’s change agenda in nation building and fighting corruption. Certain commentators were adamant Buhari was gone and gone for good, never to return, talkless of continuing his term as president. Some swore, others churned out ‘facts & figures’ and cited eye witnesses and doctors that were certain Buhari was dead or in a vegetative state. For the record, I doubt if any other person could have pulled off what PMB got away with, staying away from power and office for several months and still maintaining his seat and presidency. The hawks and power mongers of Nigeria’s presidential space are too powerful and would definitely have struck, removed Buhari, and installed either Osibanjo or Saraki or some other ascension plan that would have been in the pipeline before PMB’s ailment.

Buhari came back; better, outgoing, charming and a finer boy. Evidently, Aisha has been all over the lad, as if in a honeymoon with the septuagenarian. Her sneers and public condemnations even passed safely without any ‘other room 2’ proclamations. PMB has spent a lot of time traversing the length and breadth of the country, condoling victims of disasters, terrorist attacks, and other crises that have traditionally rocked Nigeria; which he was hitherto not able to do.

Railway networks are being completed, from Lagos to Ibadan, from Abuja to Kaduna, Itakpe to Warri and so on. The second Niger Bridge is physically a reality, despite the savagery of the national assembly to the budget. Power projects are being completed, including the Kashimbilla hydro – power project. Power generation has peaked an all time high of over 7000 megawatts; even though distribution has remained a focal challenge. Road projects, perhaps too numerous to mention are being executed or completed. Corruption has never been fought like this ever; and funds in the like of over 800 million dollars are being forfeited for fear of the arms of the law. Another 2.8 million dollars is caught by the EFCC in a domestic flight and no clear owner has come forward. Several banks along with MTN were fined several billions for breaching of CBN laws and regulations regarding the repatriation of 8 billion dollars by MTN. Ex – Governors are serving jail term for fraud? Oh wow!!! Must be in a clone of Nigeria, or led by a clone President who is half Nigerian half foreign, from a land where the fight against corruption is real and tangible.

I can bet you, infact I can bet my life on the assertion that Buhari as a clone has done more good than harm. One wonders why we have not been cloning our leaders all this time! Think of what Atiku would have achieved under the indefatigable Obasanjo Presidency. As vibrant as Baba was, had Atiku been cloned alongside him, we would have fulfilled our age old dream of transforming Nigeria, or at least Abuja to a Dubai! I am still under the impression that Fashola, Fowler and Hamid – Ali and airforce Sadiq have all been cloned and maybe Amaechi too as well. The feats achieved by these men leaves one to the imagination that they must have been cloned too. I am flabbergasted as to why the Biafra activists left out these gentlemen in the full clone – story; maybe there is a sequel revelation.

Nigeria is better as a country of clones. Nigeria’s vitals are looking safe and promising. The social intervention programmes conceived and being implemented; put more money in the hands of many as opposed to so much money in the hands of very few. Had the previous system persisted, our BP, sugar, uric acid, cholesterol levels among other vitals would have been too alarming for the creation of a clone, as the end product would also be problem prone. We would have been in intensive care by now, and no cloning can save Nigeria’s life or DNA. I just hope we will also have a ‘cloned Mahmud’ to optimally run our 2019 elections, otherwise we will be in trouble and no ‘JEGA – ing’ can calm us.

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